Over the years I have learned there are certain photography genres that I gravitate toward. I will always love nature and immersing myself in the great wild. People fascinate me as well, though I prefer the relaxed atmosphere of making portraits over the frenzy of a wedding. As you may have noticed, the work on my site reflects what I enjoy. While I wouldn’t specifically exclude an interesting chance to take photos (except weddings, seriously, no weddings), the services listed here are my favorite things to shoot. I believe I make better pictures when I enjoy the genre and therefore prefer to shoot these things.

Photography is a skilled art form that nearly anyone can do and with which few make a full-time living. My hope is that you value quality craftsmanship and experience and that you’re happy to invest in your photographs and memories.

Please note: Any location that requires a permit will have an additional fee of $50 to secure the permit, plus the cost of the permit. Special locations often have to be booked well in advance and we will plan that together.

Sports Photography

Projects are incredibly different across photography genres so your financial investment will change depending on what sport I’m photographing, my time investment, the equipment required, and the project deliverables. All of my sports photography rates have a minimum of two hours. If you are looking for a photographer for school, club, or rec league events, please check out my club packages.

Action Sports

$350 per hour

40-50 edited photos per hour

Digital Downloads

12 Month Usage Rights

Adventure Sports

$400 per hour

50-60 edited photos per hour

Digital Downloads

12 Month Usage Rights


$450 per hour

60-70 edited photos per hour

Digital Downloads

12 Month Usage Rights

Automotive Photography

Car enthusiasts are some of my favorite people as I am one! It is my pleasure to photograph shows and events, sharing images with organizers and offering photos for sale to car owners and attendees. I am able to set up a kiosk for ordering on-site and offer a percentage of sales to the club (see club packages) which can help cover photography fees. I will also do car specific features at a great location for ‘auto portraits’.

Auto Show

$300 per hour

20-30 edited photos per hour

Digital Downloads

12 Month Usage Rights

Auto Club Event

$300 per hour

20-30 edited photos per hour

Digital Downloads

12 Month Usage Rights

Car Specific Feature

$300 per hour

20-30 edited photos per hour

Digital Downloads

12 Month Usage Rights

Portrait Photography

Sessions for portraits vary by person and desired outcomes. Senior portraits are really fun and pretty laid back while business headshots require lights and backdrop setups for multiple people. Personal branding is as varied as there are people on the planet, so almost anything is possible!

Senior Portraits


1-2 Locations

60-90 Minute Session

2-3 Outfit Changes

~40 Edited Photos

Personal Branding


1-2 Locations

1-2 Hour Session

2-3 Outfit Changes

~40 Edited Photos

Business Headshots


Your Location

60 Minute Session

Up to 30 People

2 Edited Photos Per Subject

Club Packages

Offering photos to family and friends attending events is a great way to share memories. It can also be a great way to raise money for your organization. I’ll cover your entire event, for one or both teams, and share a portion of proceeds with your organization from any digital or print purchases. With a list of players, I’ll focus on making action portraits of everyone playing so there are plenty of images to choose from.

I provide fundraising marketing material to communicate with players, family, and friends to make your job easy. Everyone can view an online gallery that is ready the day after the event to order prints and digital files directly from my site. Your organization can choose free digital photos included in the package and will receive the corresponding profit percentage. During the event I also provide several live free digital images to use on social media while the action is happening!



Gallery Images: 100-150

Free Images: 15

Live Images: 5

Fundraising: 15% of profit

1 Year Usage Rights



Gallery Images: 150-200

Free Images: 30

Live Images: 10

Fundraising: 25% of profit

2 Year Usage Rights



Gallery Images: 200-300

Free Images: 60

Live Images: 20

Fundraising: 45% of profit

3 Year Usage Rights

I also partner with organizations for the entire season to shoot photos at every event, including team, individual and banquet photos. Your investment depends on the number and type of events and the way my photos are delivered. Partnerships are a great way to get photos to use on social media, websites, newsletters and marketing material for years to come.

Day Rates

If you have a project that requires a longer time commitment I do offer rates based on full days. Each of these projects are bid separately depending on the deliverables, equipment, and turnaround requirements. Day rates start at $1500 and go to $4500 and up for more complex projects. I do not offer half-day rates.

Please email me at [email protected] to request booking.

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